Welcome to your Financial Planning Journey

By Melanie

Welcome to Your Financial Planning Journey!

My Financial Advice (MFA) understands that financial planning for your life goals, including retirement, is a long-term journey. Depending on where you are on that journey, our financial calculators provide information to help you make the best decisions to help you achieve your goals. To add value to the calculators, we also offer personal advice based on your own data and personal goals.

Our calculators are organized on different levels, beginning with basic information for anyone beginning to think about financial planning and/or preparing for retirement. We also offer more advanced calculators for a small fee. At this point, you may have already started a personal savings and investment plan, or you might have questions about your retirement savings and pensions. Our advanced calculators offer in-depth analysis and help you discover how well prepared you are to achieve your savings goals, or to prepare for retirement. As you progress through the levels, we'll ask for more information to provide more detailed, accurate results. With all our advanced calculators you can benefit from "what if" analytical capabilities to aid in your decision making.

With instant data at your fingertips, you can make better decisions at each stage of your financial and retirement planning journey!

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