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My Financial Health Advice

Led by a team of actuaries, My Financial Health Advice (MFHA) provides:

  • Independent, personalized financial advice
  • Interactive calculators that use your own data
  • A highly secure, online environment

We believe everyone:

  • Should be empowered to control their finances
  • Learn how to make their money work harder
  • Have access to convenient, inexpensive financial advice
  • Enjoy a lifetime of financial health

Work with MFHA to create optimal savings strategies for all your financial needs, including planning for your retirement!

As a member you'll get personalized advice to help maximize your financial health

  • Easy to use calculators
  • Development of savings strategies for all your needs
  • Realistic retirement planning
  • Actuarial analysis for pension plan members
  • Ongoing advice on your financial health
  • Support through your retirement journey
  • Access to our actuaries and a free call centre

Get Personalized Financial Advice in Under 2 Minutes

How important is it to start early when saving for my retirement?

See how much you would have saved by age 65 by putting aside $100 a month (assuming 4% interest).


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in a pension plan to use this site?
No! We cater to all Canadians, with or without an employer savings plan or pension plan.
I've only been working for a few years. Should I be thinking about saving?
Yes! It's never too late to start putting aside a small sum every week. The sooner we help you start your savings program, the better prepared you'll be for all financial situations.
What are the costs to access My Financial Health Advice?
You can sign up to access our personalized financial calculators for a small annual fee., For less than you pay a month to stream your favourite entertainment, we'll help you avoid common financial planning pitfalls and make the best decisions to achieve your goals. Get your personalized advice now!