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What is the Purpose of this Website?

To provide expert advice to individuals who are currently accumulating retirement savings, or planning ahead for their retirement, either through their employer's retirement plan or personally.

This advice has been prepared by Michael Demner, FSA, FCIA who has worked in Canada and the US as a qualified actuary for over 45 years.

Who is Michael Demner?

Michael is an actuary and pension consultant located in Vancouver with offices on Vancouver Island (Victoria and Port Alberni). Michael teaches pensions to employees of the Pension Corporation in Victoria.

See his experience and qualifications.

Privacy & Confidentiality

If you need custom reports for your own situation, you will need to enter some of your pension statement data.

In order to protect your privacy, we do not ask for your full name or Social Insurance Number.

When asked to give a profile name, you should use a name that will not be recognizable (e.g., Bob, DocBrown, 832923, Ellen76).

What data we do collect is securely stored, and all passwords are encrypted.

We will not share any information you provide to any third party, and specifically we will not divulge your email address to any organization except to Stripe when you are making a payment.

Our only contact with you via email or phone will be for:

  • Contacting you when your payment period has expired; or
  • Responding to any question you ask of us.

We will never ask for your password (either by email or over the phone).

Financial Advice

The advice you will be given on this website has been prepared by Michael Demner and his team. Michael's team includes Melanie Higgs, Claire Demner, Brad Dehnert and Anna Slack.

You are encouraged to obtain advice from several sources, and your financial advisor can access our website and obtain advice as easily as you can.

Which Pension Plans are Eligible for advice?

All of the five main BC public service pension plans:

  • B.C. Teachers' Pension Plan
  • B.C. Municipal Pension Plan
  • B.C. Public Service Pension Plan
  • B.C. Colleges Pension Plan
  • WorkSafeBC Pension Plan

We are adding more pension plans over time.

Can you Rely on the Numbers you are Provided with?

Michael has performed extensive testing of his calculations, including reviews by the Pension Corporation and pension plan members who have terminated employment and have been provided with estimates by the Pension Corporation. He has administered pension plans for almost 40 years and is still active in his profession. Michael maintains his actuarial membership through continuing education and professional development and is kept current on changes in pension legislation and pension administrative matters.